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Coaching & Mentoring - virtual (but not remote)

Catalysing learning and development through powerful connections and conversations with transformative impacts in mindset, values, beliefs, behaviours and results. See client testimonials & feedback.

Virtual Training - The New Normal For Some - BAU for Others

Just because we're remote, doesn't mean we can't have engaging and stimulating training and development. In the remote world, leadership and team working skills become even more crucial.

Now is not the time to stop supporting and developing people - this is when they need more, not less!

360 degree feedback and psychometrics

Feedback and assessments help people understand themselves and others better. I use various psychometrics (MBTI, Hogan, Belbin, DISC, EBW, Point Positive, WIS, NEO, ViaCharacter) and have partnerships with professional  providers of these instruments and 360-degree feedback for individuals and teams.  Contact me for free initial consultation:  [email protected] / 07966-444-383

Larger group events are still feasible - you just need to know how to make them work

Helping people connect is perhaps even more important than ever in the current new normal. We can design larger group events that will still work online. Do email or call to discuss your needs - I will make your event more memorable and impactful. See feedback.

Contact me for free initial consultation:  [email protected] / 07966-444-383

Consulting for Change + L&D - helping people & teams adapt

Change is the only thing you can rely on in life - so agility and adaptability are crucial.  Working through, with & for change can be difficult but it can also be exciting and hugely rewarding if led and approached with focus, drive, creativity & empathy.  I help people & teams to tackle change more proactively & successfully - check out the feedback! Do contact me to explore how I could help: [email protected] / 07966-444-383

Free initial consultation 

To talk through how you could benefit, please contact me for a free consultation: [email protected] / 07966-444-383 / contact form

Online training and coaching - e.g. using Zoom, WebEx etc