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If you're looking for support to become a more successful leader, team or organisation - you're in the right place.  I've worked with thousands of managers and over a hundred teams from hundreds of businesses to help them become more successful. Check out the feedback I get here.

I help executives, leaders, managers, teams and organisations to be more successful in developing their engagement, performance and success in life and work. If you need support from an engaging, pragmatic and inspiring coach-mentor-trainer like me, then let's have a conversation to talk explore how I can support you to be more successful.

Since launching in 2003, I've helped over 7000 people to become more effective in leadership roles and teams in a diverse range of organisations and the changes, learning and impacts have been great - check out the feedback I've got. My work focuses on improving mindset, skills and commitment for higher engagement, motivation, creativity and innovation, disciplined thinking and action as well as learning how to review more effectively for continuous improvement and confidence-building.

If you'd like to become more effective and successful, please contact me on [email protected] / 07966-444-383 / contact form

“Above all, fantastic coaching.”

Change Manager, Large Public Sector Client (after a large change project in which I provided Executive Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Team-Building & Event Facilitation)

“The best trainer & training I’ve experienced.”
Blue chip company manager,
after participating in the Senior Management & Leadership Development Programme I had designed and delivered