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Here are some testimonials from people I've worked with.

Quotes Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. Hilary is part of a large team of self employed Executive Coaches that work for Executive Education at London Business School on a flexible basis. In this capacity I always find him very professional, with a positive attitude and a supportive manner. The feedback he gets demonstrates that the people he works with value his advice and input to the coaching process. Quotes
Lorraine Vaun-Davis
Director, Executive Education, London Business School

Quotes "Reflecting over the weekend has confirmed in my mind what a valuable series of sessions you ran with us, and I note, again, the skill, grace and humour with which you managed, promoted and developed the group dynamic so effectively. Real value added! Thank you. Quotes
Senior Leader - Public Sector

Quotes After 6 months of coaching with Hilary: I believe that I am now seen as a key member of the Assistant Director team. My profile across the organisation has increased and I now often participate in cross directorate initiatives. Having a critical friend enables me to examine different perspectives to my own - this in turn will ensure my personal and professional growth. Quotes
Assistant Director
Education & Quality

Quotes I feel like a completely different person. I trust my professional judgement and proactively approached senior colleagues across the organisation to instigate opportunities and manage issues. I am much more comfortable tackling potentially difficult issues by planning what I?m going to say beforehand and making sure that I have solutions available. I am much more visible around the organisation, making the effort to leave my desk and speak to people face to face has also helped to improve relationships with colleagues and their confidence in me and my team. Overall, I believe that I am a better leader as a result of our work together. Quotes
Senior Public Relations Manager
Satisfied Coachee - a better leader now!

Quotes Great experience - coach was flexible to focus on areas of highest importance as I was progressing...for example prepared me for some critical conversations with associates in my team. Quotes
Senior Manager in Finance Function

Quotes Extremely valuable calls with tangible advice. Quotes
Senior Finance Manager
A Very Satisfied Coachee

Quotes Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Hilary is one of the best management trainers around, his personable nature coupled with his vast experience and knowledge makes him a great asset for any company/individual. He has a great way of coaxing potential out of people! Would I hire him again.....OH YES!! Quotes
Steve Brunskill
Regional Service Manager, Draeger

Quotes I've worked with Hilary on many occasions & had no hesitation in choosing him as the provider I needed this time too. I knew Hilary could deliver high quality, credible &, crucially, relevant training to my emerging & current leaders. He comes with a gravitas, confidence & sound experience strangely lacking in many management trainers & his knowledge is bar none. He also always surprises me, this time showing he could train our German colleagues too - in German!! He manages to gain the trust & confidence of even the most sceptical trainee - I've never had a delegate come out of a session thinking it was a waste of their precious time. My managers have responded well...& acted, almost immediately, in a more confident & expert fashion. It's the course that keeps giving results! Personally, I find Hilary a great support - happy to bat ideas around ...& always takes time to talk something through, even if he isn't immediately going to benefit himself...(see rest on LinkedIn) Quotes
Lucy Davidson (nee Sexton)
Head of HR - Europe, Asia & Pacific

Quotes "Hilary put me at ease - very encouraging. Never negative, always developmental." "I found the whole experience rewarding! I have a difficult job to do over the next few months and I am sure the knowledge I gained will help me tremendously." "Lots of inspiration" "Exceptionally competent, knowledgeable & approachable" "The people in my team are happier and their stress level seems to have gone down a lot already. We are definitely achieving our objectives now, which will give us the chance to get onto some new projects in the New Year." "Above all fantastic coaching" Quotes
Feedback from various leadership coachees

Quotes Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. Hilary is an extremely engaging and effective trainer and facilitator, with a knack for getting you to really think about more effective ways of working. He has a great way of helping you arrive at conclusions about your work and your approach to it. I found Hilary to be an extremely good trainer when I was running a team of people and commend him to anyone looking for management training. Quotes
Matthew Craig
Editor-in-Chief, Pensions Management/Pensions Week, FT Business